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There has never been a better time to enter the Real Estate business in the Capital Region of New York State. Propelled by successful companies like SUNY’s College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering and Global Foundries semiconductor manufacturing facility, GE’s new battery facility and others, New York State’s Tech Valley is experiencing expediential growth. Soon people you know will take advantage of the new housing demands. Your friends, family and colleagues will sell their home and buy another. This is a perfect time for you to be in the real estate business. People like to do business with people they know, like and trust….and that’s YOU!

If you would like a career that is challenging and rewarding, offers unlimited income potential, flexibility, and allows you to be independent real estate could be for you. Real estate is not for everyone, but if you are self-motivated, independent, friendly and business minded, it could be exactly what you’re looking for. Our job is to teach you the business. You just have to take the next step.

Careers: We are WEICHERT, REALTORS® - Northeast Group

Integrity, professional standards and personal service are the core values which guide WEICHERT, REALTORS® - Northeast Group's growth and long term success. We provide a dynamic work environment - large enough to offer all the tools necessary to put you on the fast track to success, but personal enough to give you individual guidance and support as you transition from another company or just begin your Real Estate career.

We are one of the largest real estate firms in the region. We are an affiliate of WEICHERT, REALTORS® whose home office is in New Jersey. WEICHERT, REALTORS® is the largest privately owned real estate firm in America. We are known as the “lead generation firm”. Our agents receive more buyer and seller leads than any other firm.

Careers: The IT Factor

Entering into a new business field can be a daunting process. No matter what career you are in right now, you feel comfortable you know the answers. When entering a new field, there can be feelings of trepidation, which is normal. At WEICHERT, REALTORS® - Northeast Group we understand this, and are fully equipped to help you transition into the exciting field of real estate.

Our agents come from all walks of life: teachers; nurses; restaurateurs; stay-at-home moms; bankers; stock brokers; designers; law enforcement professionals; NY State employees and self-employed individuals. No matter what their previous profession, all successful agents have some commonality.

Before we address these commonalities, let’s talk about SUCCESS. This is a very personal matter for individual agents; it’s not up to us to define agent success; success is personal. When an agent obtains a reasonable goal, they are successful. Some agents are head-of-household bread winners and they define success as earning money to run their households; pay for college and have money for personal savings. Other agents are working for a specific goal such as yearly vacations; college tuition; a second home; or to off-set the family income. What’s your goal?

No matter if an agent is new or experienced, successful agents have several things in common:

  • People - since we already know that ‘people like to do business with people they know’, successful agents have a wide range of contacts. Our successful agents have deep roots in the community and they enjoy helping others.
  • Community involvement - business attracts business and for our agents who are involved in their community, business comes to them naturally.
  • Full time - while it is possible to start your real estate career on a part-time basis, full-time agents are far more successful. Think about who you would want to handle your most important investment; someone who has other obligations or someone who is committed to selling your home full time?
  • Soft selling - just like you, consumers don’t want to be pushed or sold a bill of goods. In our firm, there is simply no reason for consumers to work with pushy salespeople. We use a consultative sales approach - something you will learn more about in our training programs.
  • Action - our business is a made up of a series of activities. Successful agents are constantly engaged in systems and tools that result in attracting new business and higher earnings.
  • Likability - we also know that ‘people want to do business with people they like and trust’. If you have a winning personality and are a people person, you already have one of the most important attributes of a successful real estate agent.

So, how did you do? Some of successful agents may not have had all six attributes when they started their careers, but once they realized what it takes to “go to the next level”, they worked hard to become a more well-rounded agent. Our training programs and management teams are invested in making you successful - however you ultimately define it. There is no better time to investigate a career in real estate.

Careers: WEICHERT, REALTORS® - Northeast Group

Each of our branch offices are dynamic and exciting places to work. Our existing agents believe in the ‘pay-it-forward’ concept. When our agents were new to the business, they relied on our tools and training, along with assistance from experienced agents and their manager to show them the ropes. No agent in our firm is left to fend for themselves.

Mentor Program

At WEICHERT, REALTORS® - Northeast Group we believe it is important that you have on the job training as you learn and develop your skills in real estate. The new agent and mentor work together in the field. This allows the new agent to get a first hand look at the listing and sales process. The mentor program is an important part of this process. Your mentor will support you while you listen, learn and work on developing the skills necessary to achieve your goals. Ultimately, it is your business, so the responsibility to succeed lies with you. Our mentor program provides you with the extra edge you need to build your own successful business.


At WEICHERT, REALTORS® - Northeast Group we know that training is essential in order for our agents to succeed and grow their business. We offer several types of training.

New Agent Training - FAST Track

This classroom style training is designed to provide agents with all of real estate basics and to have agents in the field as soon as possible:

  • Market and Company Information
  • Listing and Sales Agreements
  • Financing Options
  • Business Development
  • Pricing Homes
  • Relocation
  • Home Marketing
  • Conducting Open Houses
  • DOORS - Weichert Exclusive Listing Presentation


On-Demand Training – WEICHERT University

WEICHERT University was the recipient of two national awards for excellence in its online real estate training courses. This marks the second year in a row that WEICHERT, REALTORS was recognized by® during its Empowerment Awards Gala at its annual Users Conference.  Agents are able to select from over 100 course offerings from technology to sales skill classes.

On Going In House Training

Refresher and Brown Bag Learning sessions are on-going throughout our offices. Once agents complete FAST Track they never stop learning. We offer classes about social media, personal promotion and sales skills to name a few. We pride ourselves on learning and growing in our market to continually be competitive in the ever changing Real Estate market.

Interested? Just fill in the form on the right or call our Career Center at 518-724-6927

Careers: Let's Talk About Your Future

Getting Started

Just like every state in the union, New York State agents and brokers must hold a valid real estate license. Before you take the licensing class however, we highly recommend you meet with a sponsoring broker. In doing so, you will better understand not only what the broker has to offer you, but more importantly, you’ll learn what the broker expects of you.

For example, are you considering real estate as a full-time career or do you want to work part time? What you seek will determine if the sponsoring broker is the right broker for you.

Real Estate Schools and Classes

Real estate candidates are required to successfully complete 75 hours of courses. Classes are offered in classroom style or on-line.  Once candidates complete the courses they are eligible to take the New York State real estate exam, which is given weekly through the Department of State, Division of Licensing in Albany. The links below will help you get started.

Manfred Real Estate Learning Center Knowledge Network
Brenner School of Real Estate NYS Division of Licensing

Let’s Talk

We appreciate you taking the time to explore a possible career with WEICHERT, REALTORS® - Northeast Group. The information here is just a part of what you need to know to make an informed decision about a real estate career. Real estate agents are Independent Contractors and are paid on a commission bases. In many ways, real estate agents are very entrepreneurial they have business expenses and are required to keep excellent records. They are members of the National Association of Realtors and several other organizations.

You’ll want to know more about our business:

  • How agents are paid
  • How commissions are earned
  • When training is held
  • Which branch office is best for you

Interested? Just fill in the form on the right or call our Career Center at 518-724-6927

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